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Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts grew up in a family that operated metal market related businesses. He was an owner and the president of a regional steel service center and he was the founder of an alloy tool steel distributor. After that he was president of a company that built a large system of software franchise stores in the U.S. Still later in life, he was an analyst at Boyar Asset Management, and was an analyst at Fidelity Investments. In early 1990, Mr. Roberts founded Off Wall Street Consulting Group, which was one of the earlier Independent Research Providers to hedge funds and where he was a pioneer in providing short selling research to hedge funds. Off Wall Street, led by Mr. Roberts, had an exceptional and consistent track record  over a 31 year period. Mr. Roberts sold Off Wall Street in 2021. Mr. Roberts responsibilities in Lookout Strategies is to provide ideas for and to manage the long equities and ETF side of the Natural Resource and Agricultural commodity portfolio, and to research, curate and manage the short equities portfolio.

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Hari P. Krishnan

Hari P. Krishnan has been managing long volatility strategies since 2007, at CrossBorder Capital, Doherty Advisors and SCT Capital. He was formerly an executive director at Morgan Stanley, and an options trading strategist for a market making firm at the CBOE. He has expertise in macro investing, constructing efficient hedging overlays, and engineering high conviction views into structures with high convexity and low carry costs. Hari is also the author of The Second Leg Down (profiting from market sell offs) and lead author of Market Tremors (identifying risky setups even when volatility is low). Hari's academic background includes a PhD in Applied Math from Brown and a postdoctoral research appointment at the Columbia Earth Institute.

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